There are approximately 4 million brick and mortar retail establishments in the United States. Is your building design up to the task of carving out a spot in the market amongst the competition? Millennium Construction, Inc. has a proven track record of excellence in retail construction and commercial construction.

All of the beauty of homeownership with minimal maintenance and upkeep. It’s a dream for the homebuyer and a challenge for the construction company. As your general contractor, Millennium Construction, Inc. will ensure your building design creates comfort and offers amenities residents won’t be able to resist.

A well-designed office space creates a comfortable and productive environment that encourages peak productivity and keeps employees happy. As your commercial construction company, we work alongside your business to create an office environment that not only accommodates your current needs, but offers space and solutions to help plan for the future.

As an industrial construction general contractor, we put the highest priority on delivering a building design that creates solutions for the problems and pain points specific to your business and industry. Thrive in a space specifically designed to eliminate bottlenecks and maximize efficiency.




Our elders deserve to enjoy their golden years in comfort and dignity. When our construction company is contracted to perform design build services for an assisted living facility, we keep that fact at the forefront of our mind. Our approach is twofold, with building design that prioritizes safety and ease of living/quality of life features and building construction that focuses on capturing familiar comforts of home.




A well-designed veterinary clinic or physical therapy space is our goal here at Millennium Construction. Our builders ensure that each project is crafted to fit the specific needs and functions in the health and medical industry.





Each employee at Millennium Construction, Inc. is dedicated to giving every customer the best general contractor experience possible. From construction management to design build services to commercial construction and industrial construction, our expert team of passionate, knowledgeable, and hard-working construction professionals is here to make your vision of a brand-new building design into a reality.

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